You are great enough to want only the best for yourself

Himsly is a premium quality, exclusive, small-batch line of products designed especially for men. It offers carefully designed food supplements that address inner health, a well-groomed look, and the therapeutic treatment of rare health issues.

Men, it is said, are the masterpieces of creation, so the ingredients and the quality of the products are in line with this.

At Himsly, each product development is preceded by tireless research. All ingredients we use are of outstanding quality, in many cases (and more and more so) contain natural active substances and all are specialized to a certain, well-determined use. Because if something is good for everything, it is not good for anything, isn’t it?

Premium supplements

With aging, men – even those sporty ones with the best genes – have to face several problems. Hair loss, sleep disturbance, prostate and potency mention only the most common ones. But tackling these weak spots are Himsly’s real strength. And, though inner well-being is very important, we attend to the looks as well. These days it is not the neglected appearance disguised as „being casual” that attracts women, but a man who is well-groomed and takes great care of himself.


Himsly also provides you with great solutions for the difficult task of what to giveyour man as a present. Choose the best gift for him- a limited edition Himsly moustache andbeard balm, thickening shampoo, Akosky hair treatment, or any other Himsly product. Amoisturizing, antioxidant, and antibacterial moustache balm enriched with smoked bacon, forinstance, is a unique present that shows that you really care for him.  

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